Pros and Cons of One-Night Stands

Pros and Cons of One-Night Stands

Have you ever woken up to a stranger who wasn’t a stranger during the night? Well, this is what a one-night stand looks like. You get physical with someone you probably don’t even know, you have great sex, and you drift off to your dreamland. However, the next morning, you wake up and realize you are with a stranger. That can be awkward, huh?

Just like everything in life, one-night stands have their pros and cons. Let’s walk you through those.


PROSPros and Cons of One-Night Stands 

1. Sex

A one-night stand can fulfill your sexual desires, which you may not be able to cater to due to being single or other circumstances.

2. No strings attached

As long as you are firm that it is a one-night stand, you won’t be emotionally connected to the other person. You won’t be left with any shattered expectations if they don’t text you again.

3. Huge ego-booster

Your self-esteem may rise high as you witness someone wanting to have sex with you. It would help if you believed that you are attractive, hot, and very irresistible. You deserve the spice and fun.

4. Enhanced social skills

You need to be attractive for one-night stands using your body language, flirting, and communication skills. You can get better at giving such vibes off, and you will become more confident in being a social butterfly.

5. A potential re-match

If the chemistry between you and your partner that night was great, you can give it another go. Start going on dates with them and see where it leads you to. Maybe you find your soul mate through a one-night stand, who knows?!

CONS of One-Night Stands

1. Financial burden

 This doesn’t mean paying for sex. This financial burden refers to the money you spend on buying drinks for you and your partner, maybe taking a cab to their place, and paying for the taxi the next morning when you have to return home.

2. Awkwardness

The sex may not be awkward since you don’t know the other person. However, waking up to a stranger you had sex with can be a tad bit uncomfortable. You may start to remember all the crazy stuff you did or said while being partially or fully drunk.

3. Risk of diseases

One-night stands can be unsafe due to lack of protection or even after protection; when you get closely physical to a stranger, any diseases, including STDs, they might have can be transmitted to you.

4. Unsafe

You can get yourself in a bad situation as God knows; the other person may be a serial killer, rapist, general sadist, etc.

5. Possible clinger

Your one-night stand partner may end up clinging on to you, texting you 24/7, and expressing their undying feelings for you while you may not be into them.

Also, stalker activity after one-night stands is not unheard of, as home addresses are often revealed for one-night stands to take place.

Sex is an essential part of life but make sure you weigh the pros and cons before deciding to go for a one-night stand. Take precautionary measures to ensure your safety.

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