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Introducing Anal Sex Into Your Relationship

The word “anal sex” is a common phrase. Our first instinct is to think of P-in A sex. This idea can be frightening to someone who has never tried it. Butt stuff isn’t something that everyone realizes. You can make sex more fun by adding a toy or finger to the mix. It will be something you’ll wish you had tried years ago. We Promise.

You’ll have a lot of fun if you try something new or spice up your sex life.

hows this for a nice shot of anal sex for the first time

How to present the idea to your S/O

Many people find the same boring, unfulfilling sex because they are too embarrassed to share their true feelings with their partner. You might be wondering, “How do I tell my boyfriend that I want a finger in mine?”. The answer is simple: Just say it. Asking for what you want in life will get you the results you desire, my love.

You don’t have to be brave. A good way to introduce the idea of new things is by asking a question. Ask them if they have ever done anal before. If the answer is yes then find out what their thoughts are and move on. If they answer no, you’ll likely get a return question. In that case, you can tell them you would be open to trying it. Conversation, people.

It’s a good idea to do it with someone you can trust

If you aren’t very experienced, I wouldn’t recommend going out with someone for sex. Try it with someone you trust, and who is comfortable discussing your sex life. If you don’t treat the anus with kindness, it can become a sensitive area.

Your new BFF is A Finger

It is best to begin with one finger to become comfortable with your ass stuff. Anus doesn’t have the same ability to lubricate as the vagina, so it is important to apply lube. It’s possible to place your partner on top of you, and then have them reach around and insert their finger from behind. This will allow you to test it and also give you some vaginal stimulation.

Keep it clean

Many people find it difficult to accept that the stuff is dirty. You don’t have to be a sexy jerk about engaging in antics because you believe it will make you look embarrassing and messy. Everything will be as clean as a whistle as long as you have washed your hands and aren’t, err, unwell. You know that poop does not reside only in your bum-hole.

You can also have a good time laughing about the mistakes if your guy is willing to take them on. These are the times that make relationships stronger.

Try rimming

You don’t want to be bored with the finger. Try rimming your oral sex. It can feel awkward to have someone’s nose in your sex – we understand that. However, you can add rimming to your regular oral sex without actually presenting them with the butt. You can let them muck around. It can be done before an actual anal penetration. This will warm you up, and help you get used to the idea of having someone in that area. If you have more stories contact us.

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