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How to Communicate Your Sexual Desires to Your Partner?

Are you unsure of bringing up a sex conversation to your partner? Well, it’s fine. You are not alone. Sex talk can be awkward at first, but once you open up about your Sexual Desires and needs, your relationship can pleasantly transform. Justin Lehmiller, who is an academic specialist in sex, love, and relationships, says, “You are much more vulnerable talking about sex than doing it.”

Having a talk regarding sex is not always easy. You need to keep in mind the do’s and don’ts of such a conversation. Like you shouldn’t criticize your partner’s performance, or you shouldn’t make them feel unworthy. However, you can approach this topic strategically, by Communicate Your Sexual Desires to Your Partnerfollowing the tips given below.

1. Talk about it as soon as you’re comfortable

The earlier you talk about sex and your desires once you are in a relationship, the better. However, do keep in mind the comfort level between you and your partner. Don’t rush the conversation but don’t delay it unnecessarily.

2. Open up about your fantasies

Simply expressing your sex fantasies can be arousing. Sharing your fantasies, whether you act on them or not, can bring novelty in your sex life.

3. Talk about your likes and dislikes

Don’t let anything hold you back from expressing what you like and don’t like. Start by asking questions, share your preferences, and your partner is much likely to be interested in the conversation.

Talking to your partner about sex is a part of learning to treat your partner well and to expect them to treat you well.

4. Find out what is pleasant

Discovering what sort of stimulation your partner appreciates, what positions they like, and how you both feel most great practicing safe sex can be pleasurable all by itself.

5. Take care of the timing

We aren’t talking about the time of the sex but rather the timing of the sex talk. It can be really critical. For example, you don’t want to talk to your partner about your sexual desires while he is busy with work or while he is down due to some loss.

You know your partner well, so make sure you choose a time when neither of you is in a rush, and when you know the mood is right for a sex talk,

6. Give feedback

 Be positive, not critical. Start by letting your partner know what is that they do in the bedroom that you like. Be nice to your partner. Rather than saying, “Stop doing so and so”, you can say, “I think we can switch things a bit and try so and so”.

7. Listen

Even if you are the one who initiated the sex talk, be sure to listen when your partner talks and shares his/her own sexual desires. Pay attention and keep those in mind for the next bedroom session of love.

These were just a few simple tips that I am sure would help you be more comfortable in your relationship and sex life.

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