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How Sex Dolls Have Changed With AI

Sex dolls have been on the scene for a long time now. However, with advancements in technology, these Robot dolls have also become so much better and more realistic.

life like ai sex dolls

Some even classify them as humans without a pulse. AI sex dolls were unveiled quite a few years ago, but more advanced versions come along now and then.

The sex dolls of today can talk and are even warm to touch. They have lifelike qualities that have increased sex doll sales massively.

Infact all AI Versions are starting to overtake or bypass the old blow up variety dolls. The difference in experience can be compared to black and white tv and the new colour LED.

5 Best Things About AI Sex Dolls


  1. Warm to touch Nowadays, Adult dolls have a set temperature, usually 98.6-degree Fahrenheit. That is the body temperature of most women. The latest Robot dolls are made from silicone or medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer, a substance similar to rubber. Also, they have built-in heating systems.
  2. Built-in sensors With the use of the latest sensitive touch sensors, the sex dolls moan when touched in a sensitive part of the body.
  3. Body movement AI dolls can even move their heads, blink eyes, and moving lips, all by themselves. According to Mike Chanowski, sales director with sex doll retailer Green Earth Robotics Inc. Based near Toronto, significant upgrades have been made in the sex dolls.
  4. Ability to talk The advanced  dolls can even speak. They will adapt their responses to their user, and you can calibrate her to fit your desires of speech.
  5. Self-lubrication More developed sex dolls can even lubricate themselves. Not only that, upgraded dolls can even stimulate orgasms. The production of sex dolls has seen a major enhancement.

Now, you can find top-notch features and customized options in these sex robots. Want to add to this article Contact Us.

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