Top 5 Sex positions

Top 5 Sex positions to keep your relationship spicy?

Shake things up in the bedroom, literally, as you should shake your booty whenever you want, and trying out new sex positions can sprinkle some spice in your life. Let’s walk you through the top 5 sex positions that you and your partner are bound to love.

Here’s The Top 5 Sex Positions

5 best sex positions

1. The Pillow Plump: In this position, the woman lays with a pillow under her hips while the man gets on top of her and penetrates her from above. Both bodies are parallel to each other. This allows the male to thrust more easily and deeply since the angle of the vagina is a bit elevated.

2. Doggy Style: The name of this position is pretty self-explanatory. The woman gets on her hands and knees, and the male penetrates her from a kneeling position. Try to arch your back for deeper penetration.

3. Joint at the Hip: This position allows for an enjoyable sex session of deep penetration. The female partner lies flat while the male lies on top of her. He angles his dick inside the woman. Doctors recommend syncing your breathing to feel emotionally in tune as well, and not just physically.

4. Sofa Straddle: This position comes in very handy as you can easily try it on your couch. The male partner sits on the sofa, while the female sits on top to be penetrated.

5. Cowgirl Position: The man lays on his back, and the woman straddles him. Then she lowers herself onto him while facing him. You can try this while in an up-right, lying flat against each other, or sitting position.

These are some of the most loved and used sex positions. Some are more pleasurable for men while others are enjoyed more by women. Well, you and your partner should take turns on who has to do more work in each sex session. Enjoy!

If you have a position you want us to include please contact us and we will add it to the list.