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5 Things You Could Do That Your Partner Would Appreciate

To love someone and be loved by them is one of the most beautiful things in life. However, how do you ensure a happy and healthy relationship? You do this by taking care of yourself and your partner, making sure you know their likes and letting them know how loved they are by showing them Partner Appreciation.

Let’s talk about a few things that you could do that your partner will greatly appreciate, they may express the appreciation, or you may notice it in their actions.

Partner Appreciation Steps To Start


1. Study their love language.beautiful shot of couple kissing

You should find out the love language of your partner. New York Times best-selling book The 5 Love Languages by author and marriage counsellor Gary Chapman, Ph.D., can be a great help. Base your actions around their love language, as they like receiving love the same way they prefer giving it.

2. Incorporate small gestures

As it is often said, it’s about the little things. This doesn’t mean you cut the big romantic gestures out completely. Practically speaking, you should also pay attention to small things like hugging them before they leave in the morning, pausing what you’re doing to greet them when they come home, making a warm cup of tea for them, etc.

3. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

Communication includes letting your partner know how grateful you are for them. Be specific when you express your gratitude for them. Tell them to thank you for cheering you up during your down moment or folding the laundry so you didn’t have to. Specific expressions of gratitude tend to resonate the most.

4. Support their passions

Is your partner passionate about Formula 1 fan or cooking? Take out time to learn more about their passion. Your partner will greatly appreciate you discussing their interests with them. Also, give time to your loved ones to pursue their interests or hobbies. You can do this by sharing the load of their chores or keeping the kids busy while they work on the thing they are excited about.

5. Date your partner

This may sound cliché, but it is essential. Life is hard and busy but wasn’t it so in other ways when you first started dating? Make time out for your partner. Put in a little extra effort to plan date nights, dress up, go out, and have fun. Don’t forget to flirt with your partner. A naughty compliment early morning can put a big smile on their face, a sexy text during the day can take their mind off the everyday stress. Find ways to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

To wrap it all up, never take your significant other for granted. Appreciate them, love them, value them, and communicate your feelings with them, if you have more suggestions let us know.