What Is The We-Vibe 4 All About

What Is The We-Vibe 4 All About

First let me explain what the We-Vibe 4 does, then we talk about how to use it, and finally, what has been improved in the We Vibe version 4.

The We Vibe is designed to be a couples toy. The We Vibe will stimulate the female G Spot, the clitoris, and also the penis shaft. This gives the women a three point stimulation, g spot, clit, and the penis shaft on the we-vibe 4vaginal walls. While the male gets three point stimulation also, he gets vibration on his shaft, the vagina on the rest of his penis, and third, he gets to watch his partner have explosive orgasms like never before.

To use the We Vibe, you simply insert the small end of the horse shoe shaped toy into the vagina, this part of the toy has a very powerful bullet motor that will conquer the G spot. You then let the opposite end of the toy rest on the clitoris, this side also has a very powerful motor, ready to stimulate and hit the nail right on the head. Once the toy is inserted, then male can then insert his penis into the vagina, alongside the toy, this will stimulate the penis shaft like no other male sex toy. Then, get a pumpin’!

The We-Vibe 4 New Options

  1. The We Vibe 4 is waterproof, and can be enjoyed in the shower for some wet and horny fun. It can also be used solo by the female, in conjunction with other vibrators, or along with her hand.
  2. The We Vibe 4 has had the battery improved, giving you hours of battery life. The battery is also rechargeable. You simply place the toy on the wireless recharging docking station, and let her get some juice. The Bullet motors are noticeably more powerful, giving you more control of your orgasms. The We Vibe 4 also has a wireless remote control, allowing you to seamlessly switch between speeds and modes while deep in the deed.

Buy The We Vibe 4, a toy for couples, a toy like no other. Want another toy review let us know.