How to Get Your Partner in the “Mood”?

How to Get Your Partner in the “Mood”?

Physical intimacy and sex is an essential part of a happy relationship. However, if you struggle to get your partner in the mood for sex, here are some really great tips to help you.

1. Try sexting
If you are at home while your partner is out or if both of you are at work, but you want to have sex later, make sure to send a text that tells them you cannot wait to see them.How to Get Your Partner in the “Mood”?
You can send a dirty message like, “Cannot wait to be touched by you all over my body tonight.” or “I will show you what love is tonight.” Such messages will get him in the mood really quick.

2. Surprise them naked
Imagine going home and finding your partner naked. Wow, right? So, wait for him/her with no clothes on, so he/she can get turned on as soon as they step foot in the house. They will also realise you are in the mood.

3. Set a hot shower
What’s better than a hot shower? Having company in the shower. You can prepare a bubble bath for your significant other and stand nearby in a sexy outfit. They will pull you in immediately.

4. Make eye contact
For many, eye contact does wonders. Your partner should recognize your seductive look. Let them know you are ready for sex by communicating with your eyes.

5. Use hints
Throw a few naughty hints on the way to the bedroom. It can be an underwear or a note with some dirty text. Your spouse will be rushing to the bedroom.

6. Remind them of last time
Whisper a sexy memory in their ear. Let them know what you loved about the last intercourse. They will enjoy the talk and will want to enjoy the deed again.

7. Body language
Being touchy can be one of the quickest turn-ons for most people. Grab his butt or give her a kiss on the neck. They will surely want it to proceed to love making.

Getting your partner in the mood for sex requires brain chemistry, some strategy, and patience. Once in the mood, the rest is history! Got a question you need answered submit it here.